Building with Eco Bricks


What is earth buildings

Earth construction is an ancient technique which has been refined until today it involves knowledge of soil science, engineering and building construction. The beginnings of Rammed Earth can be traced deep into the history of civilization. The Great Wall of China, 7.5 meters high and 9 meters wide in places, was built of Rammed Earth and stone (246-209 BC), and in Germany and France there are several buildings of rammed earth over 400 years old.

Earth homes are economical to build, and the relationship of earth building to the environment can not be matched by any other building material. There is no smell of synthetics, no sound of mechanical systems and no rattling when the wind roars. A home of Earth is simply a constructed environment that grows from the earth, yet remains as a natural, sustainable environment.

The design of earth homes, and their thick walls, makes interior temperatures quite stable on a daily and yearly basis. In summer, the walls of the home are cooled at night, and their thickness and construction allow them to hold that cold through the heat of the next day. In winter, the homes are heated by the sun during the day and the walls release heat during the night and help keep us warm. The technique - "thermal storage" - works very well. In our homes already constructed, the daily temperature changes average only 5 degrees. With improvements in technology today earth compressed interlocking bricks are available for construction of low cost energy efficient housing.