ECO BRICK EB 150 and 150C-SKU/Item Number: EB150

Product Detail

Measures between 220 and 240 mm long X 150 mm wide X 115 mm deep, and has beveled / champhered edges. Block length is controlled by soil / cement load and moisture content.

37-38 blocks of 230 mm length are required per sq. m of 9" walling and 165 - 170 blocks may be required per cu.m of 6" walling. When used with reinforced concrete columns EB150 is suitable for infilling.


External walls/Fencing/Non Load bearing constructions Interior/Partition Walls/Framed Construction


  • Interlocking Blocks save on Mortar & Plaster cost
  • High Finish Design & Aesthetics
  • Speedier Construction
  • Simplicity of Use
  • Cost Efficient
  • High Quality Product
  • Environment Friendly - No Burning of Bricks required